Online Fitness Content

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Give your employees access to the fitness content they need, easily accessible on their phones. 

We provide a searchable exercise library app along with online workout program libraries for employees to get the content they need for their own self-guided fitness or to help connect with a trainer. ExerGuide

ExerGuide mockups.png ExerGuide

The exercise library app allows employees to:

  • Search and favourite from over 1100 exercises

  • Exercises include videos and written instructions

  • Make a list to request a program from a trainer

  • Exercises for any facility or goal

Workout Libraries on Trainer+

Employees get a free license to Trainer+ and access to the workout libraries where they can:

  • Search workout program templates based on their goals

  • Select and customize a workout program for themselves

  • Track workouts on mobile and make ongoing updates to the program

  • Add online oversight to their program from a personal trainer

Employees not ready or don't need a trainer? These online content options provide something accessible to all employees and fitness levels.

Companies can either get access to our existing apps and library or we can customize apps and workout libraries for your company based on your fitness facilities.