Personalized fitness support for your employees, delivered through the latest technology, from certified fitness professionals.

We help you design a fitness support package that fits your company's needs.


All services are facility agnostic - no matter where your employees workout, we can support them all!

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Online Fitness Content

Employee access to an exercise library app and online workout program libraries.

  • Apps to find exercises for any facility and equipment
  • Workout libraries for any goal
  • Use existing content or have us customize apps and libraries for your company 
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Fitness Assessments

Give your employees a REAL assessment, not the sales pitch they get from gyms.

  • Fitness assessment and measurement
  • Personalized goal setting
  • Weekly and long term planning
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Customized Plans

Personalized fitness plans delivered through Trainer+ apps.

  • Workout prescription and tracking
  • Monthly fitness programming for any facility
  • Online support for personal training
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On-site Trainers

Have our trainers come to your office for a range of fitness support options.

  • Office hours for fitness consultation
  • Support on-site facilities
  • Run group classes

Support your employees with fitness content and personal training support, rather than a gym membership that may or may not get used.

Online Fitness Content

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Give employees access to exercise apps and workout libraries to help support their wellness journey. Get access to our apps and libraries, or have us build out custom ones for your company. 

Company Fitness Assessment

Provide an assessment, goal setting and planning session from a real personal trainer for all your employees. Develop a company wide fitness score, and measure improvements over time.


Corporate Wellness Packages

We work with you to combine the above services to provide a comprehensive fitness support plan for your employees. Packages can include: 

  • Cost sharing between company provided support and employee spending/personal accounts
  • Quarterly or Annual assessments and planning supplemented with additional office consultations or fitness programming
  • In-person support at on-site facilities with additional support provided online

Pricing will vary depending on the level and type of support you choose. Want to see how we can help support your employees? 


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