Company Fitness Assessments

People are much more likely to reach fitness goals with a personalized plan delivered and monitored by a fitness professional, which all starts with a proper fitness assessment and planning session.

We conduct fitness assessments for your employees, then aggregate, average and anonymize the data to give you an overall company fitness assessment.

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What will my employees get?

  • A proper fitness assessment
  • An initial planning session
  • A good starting point for taking the right steps to a healthier lifestyle
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What do you get as an employer?

  • A bigger picture of the overall fitness/health of your employees (Psst! Use this as a measure of success for all of your wellness programs)
  • Design wellness initiatives and group challenges around the data we provide
  • Offer a variety of additional fitness support options, such as the services listed above
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Flexible Options

Depending on the employee benefit plan, there are a variety of flexible options to choose from.

  • Frequency of company-wide assessments (annually, quarterly, bi-annually...)
  • Incentives for employees to participate (i.e. fitness bonus)
  • Blend what you provide with what your employees can afford for an overall fitness solution